Wood Rot Repair

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Every home gets dry rot and wood rot at some point in time.  We know where to look and what to fix, even the areas you might miss.  Dry rot leads to extensive and costly repairs if you don’t address them in time.  Dry rot hides in areas that you don’t always notice, particularly underneath and behind siding, fascia, gutters, doors and windows.  If left unattended, dry rot can cause extensive damage to flooring, baseboards, walls, and structural elements.

Whether it’s water intrusion or lack of maintenance, we are experts at finding and fixing dry rot in your home or business.  Taking care of it immediately will save you troubles down the road.  Because we are fanatical with caulking and sealing your weather prone areas, we can eliminate dry rot before it becomes a bigger problem. Dry rot repair is something we do on a regular basis.

wood rot repair

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